Video: Dorado season outing on the Niteshift – November 2020

Video: Dorado season outing on the Niteshift – November 2020

Dorado season on the KZN South Coast: Our YouTube Channel is growing nicely, thank you to all who have subscribed (click here if you haven’t yet). This latest instalment deals with the 2020 dorado season in KZN. When the rains bring the brown water which sidles up to the winding and deep blue waters of the angry Agulhas Current.

Dorado Season 2020 Port Shepstone with Chad and Cait on the Niteshift

Having guests all the way from Tofo in Inhambane, Mozambique is always a treat. We still have a lodge there too (Earth Lodge), but we will have to see what happens next year.

Chad and Cait were on their merry way to the Kei when they stopped over at the Umzimkulu Marina in Port Shepstone, for a couple of nights. Luckily for them, their well-chosen Monday for fishing and ocean safari – ing around the place, dawned a pearler. It was just glass and there were hardly even any waves to make a splash during the most boring launch we have ever had. Although some whales still straggle around here this late and even into December, we saw none on this day. No dolphins either. But the seabirds were also attracted to the plume of brown water shaped by the current to form a very distinct seam between the brown and the deep blue of the Agulhas Current.

Along with the dorado!

And its not only the dorado that know about this convenient setup of different colours of waters side by side like this. Nope, striped marlin also know about this special occasion. And, the Niteshift has come home with a handsome yellowtail also taken on a live mackerel. And a 30kg gas bottle yellowfin tuna – that made a huge fuss in the shallow, almost backline waters. Tuna fight much harder in the shallows!

Cait ended the excursion with a leap from the fly-bridge and into the clear blue 23 degree water to take a look around for herself. This is her choice collection from the day – thanks Cait!

Unfortunately, the Niteshift is off the water as one of her outboards exploded in the middle of the night this week. This was the culmination of a sequence of events triggered by us hitting something in the mouth area during a heavy launch. And damaging the trim and tilt mechanism. Again.

At about 10pm, the port side motor exploded. The cover got blown off and flames leapt 2 metres in the air. Luckily my Dad was awake and put the fire out quicksmart. Anyway, no more charters on the Niteshift this season but we have plenty other boats to choose from. And now we are desperately looking for a replacement 60hp Yamaha four stroke! Any leads please drop us a line!

In the meantime if you want to go fishing, deep-sea or the estuary, get in touch with me Sean on or +27793269671.

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