Pre-fishing treatment for your brand new reel

Pre-fishing treatment for your brand new reel

MYDO Fishing and Lures are putting together a series of videos and articles, on how to maintain your fishing tackle.

This is the very first one!

And deals with how to bullet-proof your brand new fishing reel as much as possible right at the outset.

Brand new reel – by the MYDO Fishing Tackle Survival Guide

Getting a brand new reel, or even a secondhand brand new reel – is an emotional occasion for any angler. But even more emotion, bad stuff this time, really features during tackle failure of any sort.

Over time we have learnt a few basic steps that we follow to keep our tackle lasting as long as us. This is the very first step! Half opening a brand new reel and spraying it lightly with a water-displacing coating, like silicone or whatever really, stops the salt and corrosion right from the start. It really makes no sense skipping this basic step. There is NO point in spraying your reel only after it is already corroded and jamming.

Although the demonstration in the video uses a spinning reel from Okuma – this strategy applies across the board for all fishing reels. Just be extra careful to go nowhere the drag washers with the spray. Nor the line. And to wipe the excess off to shiny.

It may seem overkill to do all this for freshwater fishing tackle as well, but corrosion will come eventually. Just takes one trip to the coast! So treat them too!

This series will unfold over the next few months as we settle back into the Umzimkulu Marina in Port Shepstone, for the December 2020 silly season. We are running a fleet of boats in the Umzimkulu this year. You can get in touch many ways but +27 79 326 9671 or work the best and fastest.

The fabulous fishing news website – The Sardine News – tells all the stories for the Umzimkulu Marina since those morons on Facebook have blocked our Umzimkulu website for featuring those poachers who then reported me?!

Crazy hey?

There is a helluva lot more on our YouTube Channel these days. And you can stay in touch via Facebook if you have to.

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