Illegal Jigging in Port St Johns continues

Illegal Jigging in Port St Johns continues

Witnesses report 15 garrick jigged out on ONE DAY! This exact weekend!

The following letter to The Sardine News is disturbing for many reasons. Firstly 15 garrick were witnessed being taken out at Port St Johns this long weekend. So imagine the ones that are getting taken that are not witnessed. This is slaughter. DAFF where the “£$%^& are you this time?

And then the guys reporting this to us – get a fish. A lekker little estuary garrick. But it was full of holes and line and hooks all over its body. When it was exactly that poor fish was jigged full of holes, we just don’t know. It could have been the day before. It could have been when they first started their immoral slaughter of the garrick back during controlovirus stage whatever.

Even more disturbing is the many different coloured lines all tangled up together. That poor garrick must have been swimming sideways dragging all of that around. He must have been a victim of multiple jigging lashes during his time in that once beautiful and pristine place.

In other words. It appears, that the illegal jigging continues.

Ok read the letter…

Dear Sir
I recently watched your YouTube video on the illegal jigging in Port St Johns in August 2020. We are currently staying at Cremorne Estate and a pensioner from Pennington, who was also staying here, personally witnessed 15 Garrick being hauled out between two fishermen using illegal jigging. He was livid and as I did not have any proof of my own, I could not comment. Let me mention that We are avid catch and release fishermen.

Today, whilst trawling towards the mouth, I hooked a Garrick and when I brought it to the surface, I Was horrified to find a birds nest of line and trebles. (See attached images). I cut the fish loose but retrieved the lines and lures for the main reason of informing you that these practices still continue.

It is horrific and everything needs to be done to stop this. You have my utmost support.
Yours sincerely
Kevin Tarr

So its blatantly evident that the slaughter of our closed off and endemic garrick population continues unabated in Port St. Johns.

Haven’t any of you locals got long range catties or something? Don’t kill anybody. But fire a few warning shots into the water in front of them. I promise you one thing…

DAFF won’t be coming to investigate.

When there is NO law left, what do you do?

Thank you Kevin for submitting this. It must have been heartbreaking to write all what you saw. It is unbelievable that this could be happening to the garrick. And us!

Please get in touch with me Sean on or +27 79 326 9671 if you have any ideas or resources to commit to this disaster left by the ANC government.

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