Shaun Begg’s first two GTis in the Umzimkulu

Shaun Begg’s first two GTis in the Umzimkulu

Dave Phillips of the Dirty Prawn team, got the first strike this trip. On his bucktail purpose-made for this session. It was big fish and most likely a garrick. But it let go after a second or so. That was right down at the mouth on the incoming tide.

Shaun Begg, pro freshwater angler, was also along for the kingfish action recently being recorded down on the Umzimkulu Estuary. It has mainly been greenspot kingfish, with a few blacktips in between. And the odd baby Geet. Gti’s I am gonna call them for their spirited approach to being caught.

You might have seen the huge tiger prawns that the same Shaun Begg managed to bag in his cast net that morning. Well this is the trip loaded with all that live bait. After the action at the mouth, Dave was leading the charge and recommended we do a drift with the outgoing tide. Right from the very top, at the bridges. Trolling lures the whole way up there didn’t produce anything.

A light offshore aided us on our drift and it was a real comfortable way to fish. Four live baits out. And the three of us flicking lures in all directions. Nothing happened until we got to the predominant structure in the river – the sandbank also known as Dead Mans Island. But it was a radically high tide, and we had at least a metre under us as we went over the north pinnacle.

Thats when my huge prawn got chowed. But only his legs were all bitten off?! Whilst I was changing baits, Shaun’s smaller prawn screamed on his ultra-light. A few thrilling minutes later and Shaun had his first GT. Ever. He-rebaited, and got another one immediately! But that was all the fish for this trip.

Enjoy the fun video…

The Gtis of the Umzimkulu

One thing is for sure, the Gtis wanted the live prawns! But we never encountered any big enough to eat those monter tigers. Shaun was spot on with his 4-inch live model.

The Sardine News is working out of the Umzimkulu Marina again for a while, and its been great. Many trophy fish have been caught lately. Dream fish actually. Tarpon even. And one particularly good fish – a handsome GT by young lady Mackenzie Nel. With a great video shot by her professional guide and granddad Mr Ant Nel from Port Edward on The Sardine News for you to watch right now by clicking HERE! The link will open our YouTube channel filled with estuary fishing with artificials. tells all the stories!

If you would like to come fishing with us like this, drop us a line on or Sean on +27 79 326 9671 so we can plan a weekend.

Or a whole week!

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