The tiger prawns of the Umzimkulu

The tiger prawns of the Umzimkulu

Yip, thats an outsized tiger prawn taken on a lure in the Umzimkulu recently
Yip, thats an outsized tiger prawn taken on a lure in the Umzimkulu recently

The tiger prawns of the Umzimkulu River estuary: There have been a lot of decent fish being caught and released in the Umzimkulu recently. And so I have been putting in the extra sessions and having lots of fun with the little kingfish and things that chase and smash my little lures in front of the Umzimkulu Marina slipway.

But nothing could have prepared me for this catch on my little MYDO Luck Shot #1 fitted real pretty with a sassy little 3 inch redhead split tail fluke by GUMMY! Casting the while away, I all of a sudden was surprised by what I thought was a bunch of mullet being spooked a cast away down the river bank.

As my lure hit the water, I started cranking and almost immediately I had something vibrating on the end of my line. It veered off to the channel and I was convinced I had another tiny kingfish.

But it was this guy!

Yip! the biggest tiger prawn I ever did see!

And he was even too big to be a successful live bait!

I chucked him out on a big circle hook and it wasn’t a few minutes and he was destroyed. Four very loud knocks and all that was left was a tail. I think they ripped him apart and were literally fighting over him.

But we had pro angler Shaun Begg here at the Umzimkulu just after this incident. And he brought along a few prawn catching tricks with him. Like a simple cast net!

After a few sessions, we had a dozen of these outsized baits. And whilst I fished another huge prawn, Shaun stuck out a much smaller tiger. It was about four inches long and this is how the next post goes…

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