Mackenzie Nel lights up our YouTube Channel with her trophy GT

Mackenzie Nel lights up our YouTube Channel with her trophy GT

Young lady angler Mackenzie Nel lights up our YouTube Channel with her trophy GT caught in the Umzimkulu on this very recent Friday the 18th of September.

A day she will never, ever, forget.

Mackenzie Nel hard at work subduiing a trophy GT in the mighty Umzimkulu River estuary in Port Shepstone.

Fishing with her grand dad Ant, on his stealthy electric powered river assault craft, the GT took a little green fluke that Mackenzie chose from the tackle box.

They had already had two live mullet out, when Mackenzie asked if she could cast one of the other rods. Straight away she got the strike of her life (up until now anyway). And the fight of her life ensued.

Grand dad Ant kept his cool, and kept the situation well under control, even when the feisty fish went around one of the live bait rods. Chaos!

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We are based at the Umzimkulu Marina for the season this year. We have self-catering accommodation right on the river. We have a number of boat and fishing options to suit you. We are seriously focused on estuary gamefish at this moment. Deep sea is also possible if the tides and conditions are right. Marlin season is right around the corner.

Standing by for your call!

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