Illegal jigging at Port St Johns – The Movie

Illegal jigging at Port St Johns – The Movie

Port St Johns: I was very fortunate to be put in touch with Mr. Bongani Pitoyi, who works at the Department of Forestry and Fisheries, quite some time back. Mr. Pitoyi is a very different kind of DAFF agent. Outside of exercising his conservation duties, he is an avid recreational angler too.

Mr. Pitoyi has also fallen victim to criminal behaviour. Mr. Pitoyi survived an attack on his being whilst trying to catch a fish on the banks of an estuary in the Transkei. Quite close to Port St Johns. He survived, luckily for us.

So Mr. Pitoyi, Bongani, DAFF Agent, takes my call. He is stationed out in the sticks but man it’s a great feeling to know that the minute I dial his number, he enthusiastically answers. Or calls back, network dependant.

And so, with the onslaught of the illegal jigging situation down in our beloved Port St. Johns recently, I got on the blower to Bongani. Who answered immediately. He was way out in the field, but he knew the ins and outs of the situation, and we chatted for quite some time.

We decided, to produce a video. I wanted to do it, to educate the public at large, on the same ins and outs of the unfolding drama. He wanted it, to educate his colleagues with.

Point is, that most of the jiggers, and most of the cops, just do not know the law that well. Or the dynamics of a fish population. And this is not their fault. This is another overall government stumble where the job at hand has gotten out of hand. It is lawless is Port St Johns right now.

And so, this is Bongani and I, with a video presentation, of why and how, and what to do.

A quick summary

  • Don’t get confrontational
  • You are allowed to take photos or videos if the subjects are outside and in public. Photos of in people yards or houses are not allowed, without permission
  • Do not post these pictures on social media, it is against the law, in this case, to fight the law this way.
  • Do not make accusations online. If you post to ask for information on the picture for sure. “Does anyone know the situation in this photo?”, be very clear that you are asking for information as someone who does not know and is looking to find out
  • Never make threats online

Send the pics or video to me on and I will make sure they get to the right people at DAFF and beyond.

Everybody, will appreciate your help, in stopping the scourge of poaching and illegal fishing going on in Port St St Johns right now.

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