Mr. Ant Nel teaching us a kingfish lesson in the Umzimkulu!

Mr. Ant Nel teaching us a kingfish lesson in the Umzimkulu!

Those of us who know Mr. Ant Nel (Port Edward fame) as school teacher to a bunch of the marauding south coast kids – also know how well he can fish.

And so it was so cool to receive a call from Ant asking if he can come and hunt our fish in the Umzimkulu Estuary, with his mate Piet. He had seen some YouTube videos! Ha ha ha! After some convincing, that never worked, to use our boat – Ant dragged behind him, his super stealth river cruiser that makes no sound! Its a battery-powered little RIB that can go anywhere. As attested to by the near low-tide launch at the Umzimkulu Marina…which is impossible with a normal craft!

This style of fishing is the future and I just cannot understand why we don’t yet adapt our outboards to electricity even right now. You can just stick an electric motor straight onto the driveshaft, replacing the petrol engine in its entirety. More about that later then. Well, Ant and Piet certainly have this electric fishing methodology taped and not one drop of gasoline was spilt during the making of this fishing trip!

Anyway, after an eventless launch in the mud shorebreak, off the two of them went.

It was only after a few hours, that I saw the stealth river cruiser drifting down the north bank channel – rock salmon alley – and I started to wonder what stories the Port Edward swampies had to tell.

It was with a weird kind of glee shining off the two avid swampies that I met them at the jetty – Ants cellphone vibrating with the energy coming out of it!


It sure looks like a blacktip to me, but it sure is missing its black tip?! There are so many kingfish species these days that I just can’t keep up but this is one beautiful kingfish that is happily swimming back out to sea right now, to tell his mates of the dangers, of lurking in the Umzimkulu Estuary!

Thank you for the lesson Mr. Nel!

From ALL of us! Freshman Kingfish right up front of the queue!

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