Sardines in the Shorebreak!

Sardines in the Shorebreak!

Sardines in the Shorebreak!: On the first day of Johan Wessels (Fishing Pro Shop) being down at the Umzimkulu Marina here in Port Shepstone, where The Sardine News team is currently operating, this is what happened…

We started early in the first light, chucking a few lures into the channel out the front of the lodge at the Umzimkulu Marina. It wasn’t long before Johan enquired about what might be happening at the mouth, down the river in the distance. And so we fired up the trusty little Yamaha and set sail.

On the way, we dragged a few lures and as we came into the basin area on the way to mouth past Spillers Wharf, Johan got his first fish of the trip…a delightful little big-eye kingfish. And soon after, after we did a few circles in the area, he went away again. This time a handsome little GT. With an attitude…

But as much as we had a lot of fun getting those strikes and fish on the troll, we had the river mouth beckoning a few minutes cruise away.

I had said to Johan that anything can happen over that sandbar!

And WOW!

As we got over the top, there they were!


Five shoals of them had been herded into the shallows and were being mercilessly pulverised right in front of our eyes! There were sharks and garrick, but those saltwater piranhas – the shad, wouldn’t let a lure go by without attacking it first!

After a few hours of jam-packed fishing action like that, both Johan and Chelsea had had enough and we returned to the lodge for coffee and a serious work session.

We were on a mission building the menu for the all-new Fishing Pro Shop online store. A whole ot of fun. The site has come on nicely and is filled with information on every product – put together by the Pros that work in the Pretoria East based store. Which you can see at the following link…

You can read all about the Umzimkulu Marina fishing options, and self-catering accommodation at this link…

We run a YouTube Channel filled with contemporary fishing, surfing and diving videos at this link…please subscribe!

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