Sardine 2020 action picks up on KZN South Coast as Level 3 is implemented

Sardine action picks up on KZN South Coast as Level 3 is implemented

A well put together sardine report by the crew at UGU Tourism and OJ Communications…thank s guys…keep up the good work!Xonalanga

“Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) is pleased to announce that the #GreatestShoalonEarth – the annual Sardine Run – is in full swing on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast with permitted seine netters taking to the shores of the KZN South Coast, following all necessary health and safety precautions in line with Covid-19 protocols.”

The Sardine Run takes place every winter, with the KZN South Coast benefitting from the majority of the action. The planet’s largest biomass migration sees billions of sardines moving northward along South Africa’s coastline resulting in a feeding frenzy that attracts a variety of marine life. In Level 3, licenced seine netters are able to operate as long as they follow the precautionary measures implemented at businesses, including wearing masks, ensuring correct hygiene procedures and physical distancing.

First sightings of large pilot shoals were on Sunday, 31 May at Port Edward, moving later in the day to the Pumula area near Port Shepstone. This morning (Monday, 1 June) the sardines were spotted at Marina Beach, north of Glenmore, with seine netting taking place at Ramsgate Main Beach.

“Fortunately, nature is not limited by the current travel restrictions in place and we are able to experience the annual Sardine Run which has brought much activity to the KZN South Coast,” said CEO of Ugu South Coast Tourism, Phelisa Mangcu. “This is usually one of the area’s biggest tourism attractions, but this year we are obviously observing all national lockdown Level 3 restrictions and beaches remain closed. However, USCT will be sharing footage of the Sardine Run on its social media platforms to give everyone a chance to experience this wonderful event from home.”

Keep up-to-date with all the Sardine Run action by following ‘South Coast Tourism’ on Facebook and @infosouthcoast on Twitter. For more information about the KZN South Coast and USCT, visit or download the free ‘Explore KZN South Coast’ app to find a local supplier.

Fantastic news then for everybody as the sardine run 2020 unfolds along the lush KZN South Coast.

Photos by Justin Klusener…

Sardine action from the folks at UGU Tourism: Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) is pleased to announce that the sardines have arrived on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast as the annual Sardine Run gets underway. Seine netters have permits in Level 3 to catch the fish, however beaches do still remain closed to the general public. For official Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT) updates of the Sardine Run and to watch all the action, visit ‘South Coast Tourism’ on Facebook or @infosouthcoast on Twitter.

Thank you to OJ and UGU Tourism for the sardine report!

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