Giant King Mackerel

Giant King Mackerel

The Giant King Mackerel we are referring to does not live in South Africa. Or Mozambique for that matter. Oh no, you will only find this guy hanging around the China Sea.

And man, does he get big.

Giant King Mackerel 72kgs by Voyages de Peche
Giant King Mackerel 72kgs by Voyages de Peche

This fish looks just like a giant version of our king mackerel, In fact, it could be named the goliath king mackerel, in the vein of the goliath tiger, because these fish get double the size of our regular king mackerel – the old Scomberomerous Commerson. The new guys is called Scomberomerous Sinensis.

Yes…double…the size!

And so this collection of articles from China and Taiwan, is all about these monsters and finding a way to getting to them ourselves…

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Article 1

Chinese seerfish live in the pelagic-neritic, amphidromous, freshwaterbrackishmarine, in a depth range of a mere 10 m or less environment. They go up rivers!

Other names: Chinese seerfish, West African Spanish mackerel, Sarawa. More

The giant of the Mackerel, the Chinese Seerfish is found in the China Sea! Monsters Chinese Mackerels have been caught, some weighting 100 kgs or more!

Related to the Chinese seerfish and American king mackerel, this fish is always caught close to reef systems.

Article 2

Unbelievably, our couta over there in China, is called a Platinum. Whilst the Giant King Mackerel is called a Big Ear King?!

For real…anyway, this is a story of a 56kg Big Ear King being sold in the market for 60 000 Yuan. That is R160 000!!!

And this is where is was caught…just a few clicks south of Hong Kong! A place called Magong.

The translation is hilarious and worth a read in itself!

Article 3

These guys are charter fishers out of South Korea. They just take this in their stride as they jig up the Giant King Mackerel for guests. The fish don’t even make it to top spot as all sorts of other species preceded it in the post?!

Article 4

Some pics, and a YouTube video, of an 89kg, 2.31m fish being landed from a rock pier?! On a coffee grinder!

89kgs. 231cm. This fish is a beast. And you can really see how the crowd appreciate the show. According to the prices gathered from Article 1 above, this fish is worth R200 000?!

Article 5

A little baby Scomberomerous Sinensis. Image courtesy of
Caught from a breakwater in Autumn

Says that these fish come from Taiwan area

Article 6

Article 7

The 72.5kg Chinese Mackerel caught in the 7th annual Phuket Sport-fishing Club comp. Photo: Supplied
The 72.5kg Chinese Mackerel caught in the 7th annual Phuket Sport-fishing Club comp. Photo: Supplied

Article 8

This article could also be referring to our king mackerel which they also catch in China – called ‘Platinums’! But judging by the size of the fish in this market, the jury is gonna be out forever.

Article 9


Article 10

Article 11

Well that was quite an adventure researching all these magnificent fish and catches.

All I can say is, I AM GOING! Any takers, drop me a line and let’s get a trip together. Sponsors welcome!

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