Libby Bowles: Marine Activist – what a story!

Libby Bowles: Marine Activist – what a story!

Ted Talks. Man-oh-man. When Sardine correspondent and friend Chad Leavitt (of Lalaland), showed me the Ted Talks channel, all those years ago, I was mightily blown away.

The people who took the time to present to the world, their own special ways, of saving the plant, or improving life on it, were flabbergastingly impressive. Overachievers every single one of them.

Then, amazingly enough, I just recently saw another one of my friends, doing a Ted Talk?! And simply one of the most relevant and moving Ted Talks I had ever seen! She addressed the very same issues that we at The Sardine News are addressing. Only, she has an audience at the Ted Talks!!! And worldwide it now seems!

And it’s none other..than! Our dearest Tofo periodic marine biologist and marine activist, Ms. Libby Bowles.

Curtains opening…enjoy the wonderful show..!

Her message, after all that…so simple…” anyone can save the world”.

Cliches are actually quite cool. Because they are proven by their nature.

Anyone can save the world.

Are you giving it a go?

Well the kids and organisations that Libby is talking to on her worldwide cycling tour, grows by the day. And if her mission had the same effect on me as it does you, then let’s get recycling, ASAP!

So, to dearest Libby! Thank you ever so much for continuing on the mission at such an incredible pace, and with such tangible impact.

A Ted Talk!!!

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