Gunter’s first Wrasse – caught at Tofo Point

Gunter’s first Wrasse – caught at Tofo Point

Gunter’s first Wrasse – caught at Tofo Point: It was 4am, and as planned, the knock came at my door. I wasn’t truly awake so requested from Gunter, the knocker, a few minutes. We had been out the night before, Tofo is just so much fun!

Soon we were walking the beach to the point at Praia do Tofo, a long time before the sun. Gunter was proficient with my 9ft spinning stick, and I was super stoked as usual, with my little 5ft 12lb braid outfit. Both of us had MYDO SS Spoons. Gunter had the slightly heavier SS Shad model, and I was fishing with the tiniest SS SMoby Spoon, that we make.

Early morning spinning session at Tofo Point
Early morning spinning session at Tofo Point

I really like my tiny little spinning outfit, even catching bait is a huge dose of fun. But this morning it was Gunter with the 9 footer, and his SS Shad spoon, weighing in at an ounce or so, that did the walking and the talking this for us.


But I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the toothy little wrasse looking fish. Well, not so little, I nearly had a heart attack as I watched Gunter haul that fish out of the ocean with my new rod bending double! He then dropped the reel right in the drink in his excitement to get the hook out and the fish released.

Which he did, after the rudimentary kiss on the lips. Gunter marched to the edge of the rocks and gave the fish his freedom. It was a magical moment because I never even had to ask Gunter to release the fish. He just did it on his own, without even chatting about it. This is NOT like some of my clients!

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