The great KZN nurdle disaster

The great KZN nurdle disaster

Cameron Johnstone the admin of Salt Fishing South Africa group on Facebook has compiled an excellent report on the great KZN nurdle disaster, which occurred recently.

MSC Shipping are squarely in the spotlight as they allowed this ecological tragedy to unfold unchecked. The nurdles, which are little plastic beads heading for industry, spilled out into the Durban harbour entrance, as the MSC ship ran aground in inclement weather. The ship was saved but when it drove into the harbour, it crashed into another ship, and the containers carrying the nurdles ruptured as they tumbled off the MSC ship and into the water. Literally nothing was done by MSC or port authorities or anyone, to curb the spill.

This has happened before elsewhere in the world, costing millions in clean-up operations. Here in Durban, the powers that be, and the perpetrators, simply do nothing. For days after the incident, the nurdles were allowed to spill out unchecked. As many as three containers full hit the water. Allegedly only one was recovered, and no-one is forthcoming with information at all.

Cameron’s report is detailed and accurate. In a spate of admirable investigative journalism, Cameron and friends uncovered the series of still photos, illustrating the incident in full colour. He deserves any support or assistance he can get. Right now the nurdles have spread up and down the KZN coast, into the Transkei, and even further way down deep into Cape waters.

Cameron and his efforts have resulted a cleanup operation to remove as many nurdles as possible, from the environment right now. This is where you can help. At this relatively early stage, we can hopefully make a difference in the overall percentage of nurdles spilled out into the ocean. They do float so – head on down to your local beach and start collecting! Keep them. Follow Cameron’s group for further instructions.

The harm that nurdles can do, aside from the obvious as in fish eating them, can be found in detail, in Cameron’s report at the link below:

Report by The Sardine News


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