Bazaruto 2017: 1000lb marlin and other stories

Bazaruto 2017: 1000lb marlin and other stories

Bazaruto 2017: 1000lb marlin and other stories: It’s been a cracker of a season so far, for the small fleet of boats fishing the Bazaruto Archipelago’s waters. Captains Duarte Rato and Morgan O’Kennedy are hard at it every day possible. Quo Vadis is in place. Bazaruto is abuzz with billfish fever right now.

Duarte on Vamizi has been supplying a steady stream of marlin content culminating in this huge fish that the team were able to release in under two hours! Now that’s the way! Enjoy the read…

First time angler catches grander Black Marlin…

Many smaller fish have been caught and released so far. But it’s now that the water gets even warmer, that the big girls start to show up around Bazaruto Island.

This is Duarte’s latest post – the three guys on this trip had huge success. They the same crew who got the thousand pounder above!

Rian Chalmers’ biggest marlin to date

You can read Captain Duarte Rato’s journal of all these incredible fish on the FishBazaruto website at The information in these posts is priceless as Duarte recounts in words, and in his spectacular photography skills…every trip he has done since 2011! Duarte fishes all over the globe and you can get in on the action by making an enquiry on the FishBazaruto website

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