Bazaruto fishing hots up for September

Bazaruto fishing hots up for September

The Bazaruto fishing season is well underway with Captain Duarte Rato reporting in on the billfish and gamefish action, as we move into October.

The mean Wahoo that love the drop offs and deep water that surrounds Bazaruto Island are vying for the attention of the small fleet of boats operating in the area. Although billfish is first prize, along the way to catching them, or whilst targeting bait, the marauding wahoo are game to eat anything that moves. They even eat the huge konas left out there for the granders! And they are so much fun to catch. Blistering runs and dodgy tactics. And stay far away from their teeth.

But it’s the marlin that makes Bazaruto fishing what it is. At any time as the season moves into full swing, those really big fish could show up and jump on your unsuspecting kona. Characteristically rather small this time of year, 80 to 200lb’s, you could get a shot at these eager beaver little fish with a fly rod for sure. The really small guys seem to love the shallows, right in close. And boy can these little fish perform!

The following is a choice of the marlin pics that Captain Duarte Rato of, sent in, this week.

And Captain Duarte’s colourful and entertaining full report can be read at the following link;

Bazaruto Black n Blue Marlin plus record wahoo for Craig…

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