Very sad Blue Marlin mystery solved

Very sad Blue Marlin mystery solved

A huge Blue Marlin was reported last week, but enthusiasm levels about it, were not that high.

Then we found out the truth.

The fish was killed, and left out there to be eaten by sharks. KZN North Coast…

It would have weighed 1245 pounds or so, according to its measurements, but I will let Captain Duarte Rato tell the story rather…

“But, the fish that has really made headlines this past week was an estimated Grander Blue released by Bully de Ricqueberg aboard the 21ft Eye-Tie with Roberto Fierro at the wheel. There as only been two Grander Blue Marlin caught in South Africa (and no Black), both of which were weighted. Due to some very odd laws this fish that arrived at the boat dead, could not be boated and had to be discarded.  A real shame has it measured an impressive 148´´(376 cm) by 82´´ (208 cm) with a 24´´(61 cm) tail. This measurements put the fish at 1,245 lbs. If correct it would have beaten the SA record by a long haul.

Speaking to some mates of mine in SA to understand why they could not boat the dead fish it seems that being part of the Isimangaliso one can only take out a billfish if fishing the area outside a tournament (as long as follow some national regulations). However, if fishing a tournament, as it was the case, all billfish have to be released without exception, failing of which could lead to heavy fines and banning of individuals and organizers”

So there it is…

A very, very sad Blue Marlin tail (tale).


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