Blue Marlin Bazaruto

Blue Marlin Bazaruto

Blue Marlin Bazaruto action has been on the rise year after year…according to Captain Duarte Rato. And Duarte is being supported by many other regular marlin chasers up and down the East Coast of Africa. And even down into the Cape.

Duarte fishes out of Vilankulos and Bazaruto each season – and has noted a rise in both the size and frequency of the blue marlin being encountered, especially this time of the year. It’s weird how each billfish species seems to have their own month or so, with which to frequent a given area.

It’s the Striped Marlin who next move in shallow to terrorise shoals of unsuspecting baitfish congregations on our East Coast of Africa. Who invites them and how you get on the invite list is still a mystery!

Check out the full story on Click on Captain’s Log and read the latest stories Duarte has posted (he documents each and every trip he takes), right back to 2010!

Cheers Duarte, for getting that really compilation of pics and facts together.

Keep it coming Captain!

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