The Umzimkulu River this morning

The Umzimkulu River this morning

Down on the Umzimkulu River nice and early this morning…the rainy weather has moved along…and the river is flowing nicely.

The water may have been a bit too discoloured for my lures, but it certainly looked like the stuff grunted and snottie salmon love to bite in.

The wind is up again, so we will wait for the incoming tide to take our guests out for a fish in the river later. The incoming tide brings back the clear saltwater the kingfish and rockies like to hunt in.

Come and join us down here on the lower south coast of KZN Natal, to fish the rivers and estuaries, and the many rocky headlands that help get your bait right out deep. It’s a windy, but fishy time of the year around here. Many fish use our estuaries when the rains come pouring down, dragging nutrients and muck down into the ocean.

Aside from human pollution, the water that goes orange-brown in our rivers each year, is actually quite clean. The colouration comes from a pigment found way up in the catchment. It’s the same stuff that gave the Orange River it’s name!

BUT, I would not swim in it. The sharks we have seen as of late have been huge and plentiful – more over the last two years than ever before.

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