Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy

Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy

Enjoy a great little video shot by on a recent trip to Casa Frenzy. She was diving with Diversity Scuba in Tofo.

More about Casa Frenzy…

Casa Frenzy, a beautifully designed and built beach house, half way between Barra and Tofo – right on the beach – is now available for holiday rental.

The self catering elegently luxurious house is filled with fun features. Conversation corners, outdoor kitchen, barbecue area, coffee spots, reading hideaways – even a tiny studio well lit and breezy for painting. Yep, a painting corner!

The house has been carefully created to facilitate a honeymoon couple, or a group of 5 or 6. Bedrooms can become totally private or totally open – depending on your requirements.

Solar power handles lighting and cellphones – anything USB really. Hot water comes from the sun too. Cooking is by gas – so you really are off-the-grid. Except for the generator which powers the refrigeration requirements of the lodge.

There are actually 4 houses in total, to rent, all around Casa Frenzy. Prices are very reasonable, and any specific requirements can easily be discussed over email at Click here for more Casa Frenzy pics and information.

To get out to Croc Rock reef as seen on TV above, many dive operators offer ocean safari and scuba trips…just book in and hop on!

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