KZN Spearfishing Report

KZN Spearfishing Report

KZN Spearfishing Report by Jason Heyne.

This informative and entertaining spearfishing report is really high on the WOW factor. Each week Jason and co-spearos compile a montage of really amazing spearfishing action photos. Thank you Jason!

“The diving conditions this week have been average with strong current and low viz in most areas. The conditions did improve dramatically today (Friday) with a moderate southwest blowing all day. Saturday morning a light northeast blows picking up speed during the day with the swell running at 1.2m. Sunday the northeast gets on it early morning picking up steadily during the day with the swell starting small and increasing in size through the day. So it looks like Saturday morning is the best bet for a dive. The snoek are on the north coast and rumour has it that one or two king mackerel have come out already. Brusher and grunter are thick in the shallows. As always dive safe and straight spears”

Jason Heyne


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