Half price on everything in Tofo

Half price on everything in Tofo

Mercado do Tofo - half price everything in Tofo right now

Mercado do Tofo – half price everything in Tofo right now

Yip, it’s a half price on everything in Tofo this year…

Let me elaborate.

This exact time last year – R1 could get you 2.8 Meticals.

This time this year – R1 gets you 5.4 Meticals.

Click this link to see it as a graph…http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=ZAR&to=MZN&view=1Y

In fact it was 5.7 a few weeks before Praveen Ghordan was almost lynched by the mob.

And it ain’t gonna change anytime soon, except for the metical worsening as our two governments vie for the title of worst performing currencies on the entire modern world, against the ever climbing US dollar.

Firstly, Praveen is back in, so the Rand looks to stabilise.

Secondly, and most importantly, the subterfuge deals thrown together by the Russians and the French for Mozambique, er Frelimo, to squander (read steal) BILLIONS, will never really be undone. There will always be a dark shadow over the metical thrown by these giants who slay small vulnerable countries like Mozambique, for breakfast.

So a bleak outlook for a bunch of innocent people here in Mozambique. Whilst Gubueza, the architect of the mess he left conveniently in time for Nyuse to wallow in, heads up corporates now, without batting en eyelid in recognition of what he has done to the people of Mozambique.

Prices have started to rise – but how can the people afford them? Electricity was hiked 20% lately. But for now, prices are staying the same. A 2M still costs 60 Mets in the market, even 50 in some shops. That’s uh, R10!

The two countries, the two beautiful and once prosperous countries, have gone to the dogs. Well, the ruling parties, at least. Who have pissed on every lamp post.

But without wondering if it was our fault for giving it all away to the multitudes – led once by the leader of all time, our Mandela, but now by errant puppies – just go on holiday and milk the situation for while it lasts.

Or before the Metical is replaced by the Yen, and the Rand by the Dollar.

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