Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

The conditions this week have been well bellow average. The good news is that the sea settled nicely today (Friday) with a moderate southwest blowing and minimal swell. Saturday a light southwest blows in the morning switching to a light onshore in the afternoon with a small 1m swell running. Sunday a northeast blows picking up speed during the day with minimal swell in the morning. Saturday is good as long as you can find viz. Deep is probably the best option. Some decent cape yellowtail are on the south coast and now is also the time to start looking for cuda on the north coast. We will be having our AGM dinner on the 3rd of December and it will be a party of note again. Club subs are due guys!
> I have put up some old pics of wahoo and cuda. I’ve seen no pics of fish this week but we all need some fish porn!
> As always dive safe and straight spears

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