Vilankulo, Vilanculo, Vilankulos, Vilanculos, or Vilancoulos?

Vilankulo, Vilanculo, Vilankulos, Vilanculos, or Vilancoulos?

There are probably more spellings for this tiny gem of a coastal town, in Inhambane Province, Southern Mozambique, but these are the one we know of.

The partial featuring of the word “Vila” within the towns name, led me askew as to what it means, in Portuguese (as usual). What could “Coulos” mean? A quick look leads to “colon”. I asked around. And got that loosely, very loosely, Vilancoulos means house as far away as your colon?! This was by some local Rhodies who have colonised the place.

A bit of Google set me straight.

Chief Vilankulo is whom the town is named after. And the area is called Vilanculos.

And it’s not that far. In an aeroplane!

From JHB, Vilanculos is a lovely 2 hour or less flight, that sweeps you in and over the Bazaruto Archipelego for magnificent views, on most days. Depending on your scheduled flight, you may even be treated to a landing and take off at Inhambane Airport, in the middle of another, far more sandy Archipelego. Eye candy.

Once you are in Vilankulo, Captain Duarte Rato is a phone call away and he will see you out there making the most of your sojourn to paradise. Duarte runs and can get you aboard a huge marlin chasing boat or a sunset chasing dhow – whatever suits your requirements and your crew/family.

Combining an ocean safari with an island barbecue, or your sunset cruise saves you a whole session with which to plan something else. Like shopping a storm up through the markets, or exploring the natural habitats like the wetlands, filled with avian splendour starting with the flamingoes.

So while one bunch are out there catching fish, the ladies and kids can comb beaches and snorkel – all meeting up later for a fish braai on an island somewhere.

Click on over where you can access a string of articles, pages, video and blogs on all things Vilankulos and Bazaruto.

Vilankulo, Vilanculo, Vilankulos, vilanculos

Vilankulo, Vilanculo, Vilankulos, Vilanculos, Vilancoulos – it’s all the same out on the ocean!

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