Rock Salmon on the KZN South Coast

Rock Salmon catch

Koos Viviers and Marc Lange have been at it again – this time with a great catch of four rock salmon, caught in amongst a bunch of daga salmon. Or kob, as they are also known.

Koos Viviers

Koos Viviers

Normally caught in estuaries or lagoons, these formidable fighters leave the protection of the still waters and move out to sea, for the remainder of their lives. They are open ocean spawners, and move into estuarine habitats as fry, as part of their genetic instinct. It is at about 7kg’s or so, that rock salmon leave for the sea.

Rock Salmon are known by many, many names.

  • Lutjanus argentimaculatus, is the scientific name.
  • Rock Salmon is what we call these beautiful fish.
  • Mangrove Snapper.
  • Mangrove Jack.
  • Red Snapper.
  • nKululunkulu, is the Zulu name.
Rock salmon by JP Bartholomew in the Umzimkulu

Rock salmon by JP Bartholomew in the Umzimkulu

More south coast fishing news is that the daga salmon have reappeared too. The Niteshift has been busy, whenever the Umzimkulu mouth allows it. Great news for rock and surf specialists – the daga salmon love to hunt in the shallows and come within easy reach of your surf stick.

To give these fish a go, contact us to put a trip together.

Night time is the right time!

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