4th July Sardine Report

4th July Sardine Report

Independance day 4th July Sardine Report…

Having Debbie Smith and Rob Nettleton down in Port St. Johns and right on the sardine front is great news.

This just in from Debbie…

“Rob is on their 2nd bait ball of the morning. The waters are teeming with sharks, including one big Zambezi”

“Finally, the predators have started working together. Sharks and dolphins teaming up to form the sardines into bait balls. The birds, however, have not been getting involved.”

Chatting to a few people today, it is a well accepted fact, that everything seems to be late this year. This means we could even see sardines in August again, as has happened many seasons before.

The baitfish were late, The dorado were late. The couta are always late these days, but yes, they were late. The shad were late. The geelbek are late. As are the kob. Only the garrick are well on time!

“Patience…is a virtue” – Sardine chaser circa 2016

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