Video: Introducing the MYDO SS Spoon range

Video: Introducing the MYDO SS Spoon range

The MYDO SS Spoon range is an adaptation of Brian Davey’s original set of MYDO Spoons. Changing the base material from lead to stainless steel made for many advantages:

  • lighter in the water, they bounce off rocks much better than lead spoons
  • lazer cut makes for intricate detail and design
  • the spoons are always shiny
  • they come out perfect every time

The MYDO SS Spoon range run from the baby – The Tarpon, to the Shad, the Snoek, Tuna, Couta and Dogtooth. The Dogtooth tops out the range at a whopping 3 and a half ounces, which can be sent to the horizon or the bottom with equal ease.

All the MYDO SS Spoons can be cast, trolled or jigged through the water column. For an extra advantage, squich some sardine or other bait into the holes in the spoon. Juicing I call it. And it increases your strike rate phenomenally.

The following video takes you through the range with an explanation of each feature as we go.

To check out the full range of MYDO SS Spoons, click here.

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