Bazaruto Winter time Humpbacks

Bazaruto Winter time Humpbacks

Welcome back to Captain Duarte Rato, as he begins another seasonal sojourn on Bazaruto Island, near Vilancoulos, Southern Mozambique.

Winter on the island is better than summer most other places, temperatures hang in the twenties, the water too. And winter gamefishing is another challenge entirely as the focus goes towards big gamefish on live baits. Big gamefish, including the infamous dirty fighter, the GT, Giant Kingfish or Giant Trevally. The Caranx Ignoblis and other kingfish species seem to be more active and prevalent in winter time, and if you are not careful, you may find yourself attached to one these 50kg beasts, who readily devour a live bonito, or a well-placed plug.

For the more placid, it is also whale season on Bazaruto, and humpbacks can be seen right out front of the lodge. Along with the dolphins and other whale species, the Whale Sharks that everyone love, love the waters of Inhambane Province too, and a swim in the warm clear water with one of these 30ft beasts can be the experience of a lifetime.

For more on Bazaruto, and to follow Captain Duarte Rato’s fish catching antics, surf on over to, where Duarte uploads stories and photos taken each time he does a trip.

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