Chris Lepan huge kob in the Umzimkulu


Chris Lepan with a huge light-tackle kob in the Umzimkulu. Released alive and well.

Chris Lepan huge kob in the Umzimkulu

On light tackle this is real big fish. Imagine a largemouth bass this size! Rory Lawlor and crew have been targeting kob in the Umzimkulu, on artificials, and seem to have perfected the art.  Along the way they been catching, and releasing, big-eye kingfish, rock salmon, perch and yellowfin kingfish.

The mouth of the Umzimkulu has just been opened by the authorities, and the big spring tide has pushed straight back into the river with force. It all looks very lively and traditionally, when the mouth is re-opened, the river comes alive.
It’s all about timing in the river. The moon, the tides, the nag apies…

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