South coast shark sightings

Reports have been filtering from all over the South coast shark sightings seem an all too common occurrence. Here on the South coast shark sightings are a part of life- before all the sardines got hoovered up by the Chinese we used to see crazy stuff at all our local surf spots each Winter- now, the sharks- especially the Zambezi and Great Whites have snuck their way back up the food chain and boom! Which part dont you get? more sharks…

Good surf potential on walk to HITW

South coast Shark sightings photo courtesy Whitesands

I dont how many sessions we have had down here where we all saw something, but chose to keep quiet about it we were so keen to just surf and get some waves in, then come in and all say something like: ‘im pretty sure i saw something out there’ someone else would chime in with a: ‘ya, i definitely saw something!’ the third would echo our thoughts with a ‘i just wanted to get a few waves!’

Yesterday a Great white chased two of those friends from the story above out the water at a closely guarded secret spot here on the South coast so ‘beware be aware and be warey’ to quote the ol’ sea dog himself Bruce Gold and have your selves a wonderful early Winter!

barco ondas

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