Scene set for Four Elements Conservation NPC Ocean Challenge

Scene set for Four Elements Conservation NPC Ocean Challenge

The innovative Four Elements Conservation NPC is set to make waves yet again with its 2015 edition of the Ocean Challenge.


Photographer: Graham Stuart

On Saturday, May 16th, about 50 swimmers will battle it out between Durban’s North Beach and Vetch’s Reef during the five-kilometre race, now in its second year.

But this is not only about who has the slickest strokes in the water – it’s about youth development and creating awareness for a great cause, too.

“The swim is not only physically challenging, but aims to challenge people’s perceptions of the ocean,” says the founder of Four Elements Conversation, Olivia Taylor (18).


“The swim primarily aims to create awareness about ocean degradation, but also aims to fund an environmental scholarship camp at the end of the year, where candidates apply and get chosen based on various criteria – including passion and potential.”


Scheduled to take place in December 2015, the awardees will be taught to be independent young environmental entrepreneurs during a four-day adventure.


It forms an integral part of teenager Taylor’s goal to remind other young people that passion can lead to positive change.


“Youth have the most incredible ability to look past possible downfalls, allowing brave ideas to be formed, which leads to action and then to success. The secret is learning how to initiate change and then to remain optimistic when your confidence wavers,” she says.


All the action at the Ocean Challenge won’t be reserved exclusively for the amphibious types, though. Non-swimmers can show their support for the preservation of the oceans by participating in a walk on the beach, in time with the swimmers, while doing a beach clean-up. Those efforts are being coordinated by the Durban Girls’ College Environment Club.


There’s also a special treat in store on the day for kids from LIV Village, a Verulam-based orphanage. Four Elements Conservation will be facilitating a snorkel swim hosted by the I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Trust on Vetch’s Reef for these special children.


With last year’s event labelled a massive success, there’s no doubt that the 2015 challenge will be bigger and better.


The Four Elements Conservation NPC was established by Taylor when she was just 15-years-old. It works to conserve and preserve the natural environment, and has grown into an internationally-recognised organisation.


The Four Elements Ocean Challenge is open to any swimmer who is equipped to tackle the five-kilometre stretch along the Durban beachfront.


Date: May 16th, 2015

Time: 06h30

Venue: Durban Lifesaving Club (registration and prize-giving)


To enter, please go to Entries close on April 16th, 2015.


For more information follow Four Elements on Twitter @dive_aim_fly and Four Elements Conservation on Facebook. The hashtag for the event is #Swim4Change.

Contact Olivia Taylor at

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