Ultra Light tackle festival on Bazaruto Island

Ultra Light tackle festival on Bazaruto Island

Ulrich & Frans arrived at the tail end of a really strong low-pressure system and seeing their first day was a blowout to go out for Marlin I suggested we did a half-day of light tackle inshore. The guys took this literally and the next day pitched up on the boat with bass tackle…stupid ultra light gear! We headed off and fishing spoons and drop shoot for a two hour session from the boat got various different species of rockcod, queenfish, garfish, a nice brassy kingfish, two great barracuda and then Frans hooked to the fish of the day on his bass rod which took him more than 30 minutes to land, a respectable size yellowspotted kingfish.

We then headed for another spot and fishing from the beach proceed to finish the day releasing 9 small GT´s which were an absolute blast with the light gear!!!





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