Wayne Trelawney Garrick at Port St. Johns

Wayne Trelawney Garrick at Port St. Johns

Garrick at Port St. Johns

Wayne Trelawney. Garrick at Port St. Johns. Circa 2014!

Update from August 2020: Since the illegal jigging activities have been making headlines in the search engines recently (August 2020), many of our old stories are popping up. Like this trophy fish by long-time guest of Umzimkulu Marina. Which he caught the legal way. A live shad. A fish of a lifetime!

He caught it on a holiday at Port St. Johns. In September 2014. He only caught this one fish. It is all he ever wanted.

It is guys like Wayne, who follow the rules, respect the environment, and takes only a dream fish like this one, every few years – that need to be respected and acknowledged.

The gentlemen of the sea.

Unlike current scenario (June 2020) where the very same garrick that inspired Wayne to fuel up his car, load his tackle, and drive from the Free State where he lives – are being mercilessly jigged from the estuary. Just like the tourists are being jigged out of Port St Johns as photos and video of the slaughter make the social media rounds. The images are sickening and you can see very clearly that its not down and out poor people who live in Port St Johns. Nope. These guys have got twin-tailed exhaust pipes and 4WD! As you can clearly see in the pics on social media.

Garrick at Port St. Johns (original post from 2014)

Wayne Trelawney has been fishing with us down on the Umzimkulu periodically. Here he shows off a trophy-sized Garrick at Port St. Johns recently.

The fishing down in the Transkei has been consistently spectacular lately.
Trophy fish of all the most popular edibles have been caught…spotted grunter, kob, garrick, shad…at all the usual good spots.

Although it can get windy, it is very quiet and out of season on the Wild Coast right now – a great time to get away and find your own small corner and catch some fish.

In the meantime we are on Facebook right HERE, we run a YouTube Channel right HERE.

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