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13 Americans

Captain’s Report 28 July 2011

Sean Lange

13 American School Kids

A double trip, down to Praia da Rocha and back, with 13 American kids, was a real hit. We just set the lines for the first bunch and a another screaming skipjack came right in. He swam beautifully behind the boat, but his allotted 30 minutes were up too quick, and he became sushi. With so many whale sharks about, it wasn’t long before we were stopped in our tracks by a bunch of them circling and gorging on some invisible meal.

The second crowd were even luckier, with whale sharks, dolphins and whales providing the camera shots. And then, as a school of dolphins came past smashing the sardine bait balls, three sticks went away and soon enough we had a nice yellowfin and another much bigger skipjack (fought like crazy) – right in the midst of the dolphins!

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