ZanziBeach Seafood Restaurant in Tofo

Introducing ZanziBeach. An all-new seafood restaurant in Tofo. Right on the beach. Portuguese cuisine. Beach views. Smiles all round!

ZanziBeach is a trendy and popular restaurant, right on the beach in Tofo. The views out front are of a tropical beach paradise – with clear blue and warm water for you to play in. Surfers stroll by. Divers head to and from their boats. Fishermen carry in their freshly caught catches. Sunbathers laze about the huge beach. Groovy tunes keep reminding that you’re on holiday in paradise.


The cuisine at Zanzi is decidedly unique. Carrying flavours from locally procured seafood into a blend of traditional Portuguese spice and sauce – the results are mouthwatering. This place is taking full advantage of the huge and diverse of world seafood that is available in the Inhambane area.

Some signature dishes are built on the subtle taste of octopus. It takes great skill to prepare this meal. And ZanziBeach do a wonderful job. Santola crabs also grace the menu – served as tapas – delicious and extra healthy!

There is great variation to these themes at Zanzi. Some are fused with pork or beef. And the fish soup, available every day for a healthily priced 150 mets, will keep you in great shape – whatever it is you do all day. Surfing, fishing or diving. There are Prego rolls for extra protein! 180 Mets. And ice-cold octopus salad served with grilled pao. 250 Mets.

Wait till you see the new sweets menu! It’s in the pipeline for this year.

This year, ZanziBeach will also be offering catering services. This expansion is aimed at self-caterers who want the night off, and would appreciate the ZanziBeach flavour culture. Corporate gigs. Parties and the like.

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