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Surfing Tofinho is best started real young. This kids got it down. Yomo!

Surfing Tofinho with Artsurfer.NL and Fatimas Nest

Surfing Tofinho with Artsurfer.NL and Fatimas Nest Surfing Tofinho in summer can sometimes be a little slow. But not this year – the sand has filled right back into our favourite little bay. The waves are peeling from the very top right through to the Dragon – if you dare to try run that gauntlet! […]

Nathan Plomaritis flying

Surfing Tofo shorebreak

Surfing Tofo shorebreak Surfing Tofo shorebreak through the high tide is a great option when the waves aren’t that good at the points. The rapidly shifting sand and currents in the bay have made for so many configurations over the years. Right now it’s pretty much an a-frame right in front of Nordin’s Lodge, between Wayani […]

Shaloha Uploaded

Shaloha Uploaded Well, we have tried this before but were ruthlessly taken out of the sky by arguing IP control freaks. But luckily we are almost caught up with the content lost…the uploading of Shaloha by Bruce Gold and co, was one of those missing news items… This video movie was shot from the West […]


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