Shooting fish in KZN waters with Jason Heyne

Shooting fish in KZN waters with Jason Heyne

Shooting fish in KZN waters with Jason Heyne weekly, a great source of intel for anyone wanting to know what is actually going on with the fish in our waters. Although the garrick and kob may not be really on the bite yet, they certainly are seen patrolling up and down the coast. It’s nice to hear the geelbek are coming in shallow – a good sign that there are still a few about…over to you Jason.

“The diving conditions have been above average this week. Garrick, wahoo, daga salmon, geelbek and brusher have been coming out. Saturday the north east has blown thro the night and drops off midmorning switching to a moderate south West with the swell running at 1.5m. Sunday morning a light offshore blows switching to a light to moderate south West later in the day with the swell running at 2.2m..so it looks like Saturday is go day for a dive. Viz was reported south and North today. Well done Quintin White on getting both club merit and biggest fish for the week a 18.5kg (gutted) wahoo!  As always dive safe and straight spears. ”

And the gallery to go with the weekly story…


The Fish Eagles of the Umzimkulu wake lodge guests at the Umzimkulu Marina, each morning. Don't worry though, they start at a reasonable hour - fishing time!

The Fish Eagles of the Umzimkulu wake lodge guests at the Umzimkulu Marina, each morning. Don’t worry though, they start at a reasonable hour – fishing time!

This weeks spearfishing report by Jason Heyne is sponsored by the Umzimkulu Marina. The perfect spot for spearos to come and enjoy the clean and warm conditions of spring, on the KZN south coast. The water stays crystal clean right through to the summer rains, which have been coming later and later each year – leaving us with clean water right into November sometimes.


The launch here at the river can be otherwise and is not officially a launch site any more. But a short tow north or south gets you to really reliable and easy launch sites. Pumula is fantastic, as is Hibberdene a bit further north. Then if you can handle a queue, head to Shelley Beach, or further south to Ramsgate. These launch sites open vaste stretch of fish rich coastline for your to explore.

Shore diving is a magical prospect here on the south coast. The many points and rivers make for easy access to the backline and beyond. There is a nice strong north to south current that can fly you over scattered reef for miles.

For more information, get in touch on umzimkulu@gmail.com, or pop on over to http://umzimkulu.co.za, to make an enquiry.

Dustan van Biljon having a blast with some estuary spinning in KZN Natal

Mydo vs Rapala vs Fly

Mydo vs Rapala vs Fly

I found this beautiful old balsa Rapala, handmade three decades ago, in our lockup in Mozambique. Stashing it in my bag (in it’s box still), I dragged it all over on my work travels, until finally, I got to the KZN South Coast, for the winter estuary season. It was here, that I had in mind, for that Rapala.

Since we make the Mydo Luck Shots here upstairs in the old boathouse at The Umzimkulu Marina, I always fish with other lures too, to act as benchmarks. And this lure turned out to be a real hot performance benchmark!

The first charter I had for July, Yousef,  caught his kingfish after only a hundred metres of fishing! On the Rapala! It was a good fighting sized baby GT, spirited as only one hook held him by the top of his head. Making for some serious negotiating. Luckily that skin on top there is tough as hell, and the fish came to the boat eventually. Still throwing a tantrum! But we soon had the photos and him back in the water. That was the only kingfish on that trip. The rest of the evening we targeted spotted grunter successfully. Even taking a nice big one back to be curry for Yousef, my guest.

The next trip was with Neill Campbell, who got to the rod on two amazing strikes in a row. Both on the Rapala! Both times the fish took enough line to create enough drag to straighten the ancient, but very sharp hooks. I was feeling rather bleak about the Luck Shots not going away. The Rapala was the furthest out, and the closest to the mangroves too…but so we persevered. In fact, Neill was so amped, he went back home and searched his garage for a very similair Rapala he had had for decades too – this one a bit smaller, and it swam even shallower. But with that same lazy classic action that made Rapalas so cool in the first place. Both were duly rigged with new 4X super sharp and powerful hooks. They hamper the swimming action slightly, but we had learnt our lesson!

So now we had two Rapalas of the right colour and swimming motion. And two Mydos. One tiny #1 with a milky split tail on a 3/0. And the other with a 7 inch split tail with a 5/0. The spread was working wonderfully and looking perfect. The next charter were three clued up dudes from Johannesburg. They booked an early morning trip. They casted and casted. I trolled and trolled. Nothing. Nothing at all. The tide was outgoing. Timing is everything.

Then The Roosta took a cruise, two stoked families also down on holiday. He took the first old Rapala, and put it back a bit. Next thing he was vas! So he called up on a young kid on the boat, and coached him in on his first Rock Salmon. Check the stoke on this kids face!

When I got back on the boat with my next guests – Sean van Tonder and his son, we only managed one baby kingfish on a fly…another species though – a tough littleblack tip kingy this time. We got some fun video…

My next guests were commercial diver guys on leave and really in the mood to fish. I reset the Hawaain Diamond spread I was using, putting the tiny drop shot on the port side in my new out-rigger style holder – putting that lure way out the side. Then I put the next Mydo, and the two Rapalas making up the starboard points. It was amazing as the little Mydo, now in the right position, just never stopped getting all the strikes. And the Mydo next to it. A little fire-tiger paddle-tail model. Fish after fish. And nothing on the Rapalas!

And so the benchmarks met their match.

It really has more to do with where you set your lures, and where you fish them, than which particular lures to use. As soon as I put the Luck Shot out the side, it was the closest to the mangroves. And then the next one way back but also within fish sight from the mangroves, where they ambush from. These two lures got hammered and the plastics replaced a number of times.

And then when Andrew van Biljon and Matt Wainwright rocked in to get in on the action, they had an absolute blast flicking and trolling the little Mydos, all over the river. Andrew’s kids Dustin and Tristan having ALL the fun!

You can watch how to fish the #1 Mydo Luck Shot on this video…

You can buy the lures online or find a tackle shop that stocks Mydo here…http://thesardine.co.za/mydo/

To come fishing, contact Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com

Sardine activity reported moving up towards KZN

State of our Oceans by Mr. Al Spaeth

State of our Oceans by Mr. Al Spaeth

Like great author and eye opener – Callum Roberts, author of “The Ocean of Life: The Fate of Man and the Sea”  and other tales of environmental gloom and doom, Mr. Al Spaeth, in his description of the state of our oceans and our fisheries, has the ability to put things way into perspective.

Read his shocking synopsis of our particular piece of ocean’s predicament, at the following link…


Mr. Spaeth is particularly focused on our South African waters and their fisheries. But this is happening, and has happened, all over the globe, in so many other ignorant countries. Where greedy and ignorant governments and their parastatals, give away the resources of their people, in exchange for under the table rewards or incentives.

His call-to-action, to mimic the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association ), in the United States, is our only chance. They are a very effective watchdog association of anglers in the United States, that campaign for the fish and the environment, as well as educate the public fishing community at large. On pertinent environmental issues at hand. And we have many. The sardines, squid, and tuna that Mr. Spaeth addresses, are just three. What about the plight of the poor shad this year?! No DAFF’s anywhere?! Bucket loads leaving the beach.

The CCA in America is the type of organisation Mr. Al Spaeth is advocating

The CCA in America is the type of organisation Mr. Al Spaeth is advocating

This is what they do over there, very successfully…


• Initiate scientific studies.
• Fund marine-science scholarships.
• Build artificial reefs.
• Create finfish hatcheries.
• Monitor the quality and quantity of freshwater inflows.
• Support local marine law enforcement.
• Help establish game fish status for recreational species.
• Work to prohibit destructive commercial gear.


• Defend net bans.
• Work to implement bycatch reduction regulations.
• Support pro-fisheries legislation.
• Battle arbitrary no-fishing zones.

You can read all about them and their successes against their government at this link…


Anybody else keen to get involved, and has the time and resources, jump in now by filling out the form below…I have been in touch with the CCA, and they are prepared to assist. We just need some momentum. In the meantime we are calling the movement CCASA (Coastal Conservation Association of Southern Africa). If there are any other established or fledgling groups like the CCA, already operating in South Africa, Namibia or Mozambique, please let me know on umzimkulu@gmail.com.


King Mackeral dominating underwater - KZN Spearfishing

King Mackeral dominating underwater – KZN Spearfishing

King Mackeral dominating underwater – KZN Spearfishing

” Jason Heyne reporting that king mackeral are still around and dominating everyones lives…” Xona

The diving conditions this week have been epic. Garrick have arrived, snoek are around in numbers and shoal cuda are thick. Saturday the wind blows offshore in the morning switching to a light to moderate north east in the afternoon with the swell picking up from 1m in the morning to 1.5m in the afternoon. Sunday morning the wind blows offshore switching to a moderate south West in the afternoon and the swell runs at 1.3m throughout the day. Viz was reported north and south coast today. So Saturday and Sunday morning look great for a dive. Well done to Duran Richardson for getting fish of the week a cuda of 19kg on a shore dive!  As always dive safe and straight spears.

A box of Mydos in the mail! Order your Mydos online at thesardine.co.za

A box of Mydos in the mail! Order your Mydos online at thesardine.co.za

Wish I was getting a box like this one, in the mail! Order your Mydos online at thesardine.co.za #mydolures #thesardine!

The Sardine News shop is back open to the public, in order to reach those anglers, whose tackle stores don’t stock our decades old and highly proven homegrown brand.  It’s a huge market. which Mydo team was leaving out, in order to rather distribute through the tackle stores around the country. No chance. But for a few really cool shops and distributors, The Mydo just cannot break into certain areas, without the support from the tackle store owners. Except by internet.

We are operating on an EFT basis. We have taken down our credit card payment facility completely, which benefits both us and you, in every transaction. They also take days to clear funds, and take a big bite. And we have had charge back and other problems with that payment system too. When the funds clear in our account, you get your stuff. Sometimes this means the same, or next day service!

We use good old Postnet. And they handle worldwide!

The shipping is calculated by weight to which zone, and is actually quite reasonable. Postnet have partnered with Aramex in order to supply this efficient and reliable service.

Delivery takes a few days internationally depending on many, many things, but your parcel will arrive. The table here is for out of South Africa deliveries. South Africa deliveries cost R99 per 5kg’s. Too easy! Your Mydos arrive at the Postnet, they call you, you pick up…you go fishing!

PGE Rates 2016
The MYDO range consists of the …


Luck Shots

SS Spoons

You can read all about The Mydo on the Mydo website at

http://thesardine.co.za/mydo/ or on facebook at…


And see a list of dealers that are supporting local.

Finally, a big, very big thank you, to these shops, for stocking us and allowing us a channel to our loyal markets that have been using Mydos since the eighties. When Brian Davey first invented and marketed them. Respect!