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Zambezi vs Barbel

Zambezi vs Barbel showdown in the Umzimkulu

Zambezi vs Barbel showdown in the Umzimkulu Unbelievably, the remains of what could have been a 6 foot long barbel, washed up next door to the Umzimkulu Marina, just last week. The mouth was closed, but the action in the river certainly wasn’t. The guys fishing at Spillers down the way, reported hearing, but not […]

Max Mogeson

Max Mogeson’s first Rock Salmon

Max Mogeson’s first Rock Salmon A few weekends back we had a huge influx of fishing mad kids down at the Umzimkulu Marina. Including a chap named Max who took the right ride out to rock salmon alley, on the Mad Mullet. He caught his first rock salmon – and so he brought it home […]

The Umzimkulu Rock Salmon are back!

The Umzimkulu Rock Salmon are back “It’s been a while since we were able to get back out on the Umzimkulu and fish for salmon again. Fortunately the water cleaned up and Dejan Vujevic, out from Europe, timed his charter down at the Umzimkulu Marina in Port Shepstone, KZN South Africa –┬áreally well” – Xona […]

Sharene Berry kob killer on the Umzimkulu River

The Umzimkulu River is cleaning up!

The Umzimkulu River is cleaning up! After a great time catching eel and barbel in the flood waters recently, the rains have finally slowed and the Umzimkulu River is cleaning up! So it’s gonna be all about the rock salmon, grunter, perch, kob, flagtail and kingfish as the waters become that murky green the gamefish […]

Marc Lange with a delicious Rock Salmon

Rock Salmon on the KZN South Coast

Rock Salmon catch Koos Viviers and Marc Lange have been at it again – this time with a great catch of four rock salmon, caught in amongst a bunch of daga salmon. Or kob, as they are also known. Normally caught in estuaries or lagoons, these formidable fighters leave the protection of the still waters […]

9kg Rock Salmon speared in Tofo

Now this is a real fish! Joao Magolu hoists this 9kg Rock Salmon up for a pic in the Tofo Fish Market yesterday. It was speared down at Praia da Rocha, a known hangout for Rock Salmon, otherwise known as a Mangrove Jack.   Related posts: Rock Salmon! Mnyemeni Rock Salmon Rock Salmon caught at […]

Jarrod Gallagher Giant Kingfish

Ian Logie – Garrick in the Umzimkulu, and other stories…

Yep…Ian Logie does it again! Fishing with his son at Spillers Wharf last night, Ian’s mullet flapper was taken by this spirited Garrick, which screamed line off Ian’s SL30…up and down the Umzimkulu River. Soon a big crowd gathered to watch as Ian expertly retained his title of being king of the Umzimkulu. The fish […]

Umzimkulu Leopard

Fishing the Umzimkulu River off Spiller’s Wharf yesterday afternoon, local angler Ahmed, pictured, hooked into a beautiful Leopard Ray. It took him a solid 10 minutes on ultra-light tackle. Fishing the Umzimkulu is made very comfortable at Spiller’s Wharf. There are a choice of restaurants – Bela’s Mozambican themed diner is most popular. There is […]

The Real Deal

Subsistence fishermen have been working the Umzimkulu River for decades. As the condition of the river has deteriorated their lot has been reduced year after year. But there is something very noble about their ignoble existence. Targeting barbel chiefly…they also catch rock salmon (mangrove jack), grunter, perch, salmon and even gamefish like kingfish and garrick. […]

Rock Salmon caught at Barra

A prize specimen in the Tofo market today. These hardy fish seem to be surviving the onslaught around here. Although tales of entire shoals being netted filter through. Barra is a bit of a hotspot for these fish. You just really have to know where to look. Related posts: 9kg Rock Salmon speared in Tofo […]