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A Bull Dorado comes storming up the white water behind and slammed this little rubber lure. Letting go at the last minute.

More predator fish attack behaviour with the BCSS

More predator fish attack behaviour with the BCSS Fish behaviour studies at the Bazaruto Centre for Scientific Studies: The accompanying video features four species of fish and their different reactions to some of our trolled baits up here in Vilankulos waters. Some days the water got real blue lately, but many other days have been […]

The Daisy Chain fished on a 30 for just in case

The Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain Many rods actually vie for the mantle of being the most important rod on the boat. The live-bait jig sticks? The spinning stick? But there is one rig that really covers all bases and every situation – the good old Daisy Chain. South African style. Three 3 or 4 inch feathers / […]

Late season Dorado by Justin Campbell

Late season Dorado by Justin Campbell

Late season Dorado by Justin Campbell How about this¬†Late season Dorado by Justin Campbell taken on a a MYDO Baitswimmer Couta Trace #1. Not sure what the bait was, but it was caught off Port Shepstone, whilst fishing with his old man Neil. The dorado seem to come in two waves. November is the most […]

KZN South Coast Dorado bite on!

KZN South Coast Dorado bite on! The “dollies” are officially in the hood…although very little is known about these widespread pelagics, they do seem to prevail season to season just fine. Being open ocean spawners, the dorado (and the sailfish) are purported to be the most hardy of all our pelagic fish species and that […]

Wild Dorado off Port Shepstone

Wild Dorado off Port Shepstone The south westerley buster blasted through during our ride out of the Umzimkulu River mouth – into the chocolate brown plume that spits out of the river, this time of year. It’s on the seam between this brown water, and the clear deep blue of the Mozambique current, that the […]

MustByt Charters join thesardine.co.za

MustByt Charters join thesardine.co.za Mike Schneider and his team at MustByt Charters in Shelley Beach have many years fishing and skippering experience between them. Targeting gamefish like tuna, dorado, king mackeral, billfish and amberjack, they also fish on the bottom for the odd black steenbras, salmon and redfish. Their fleet of boats are professionally rigged […]

Out of season Gold

Late April can sometimes be a treat in Southern Mozambique when pockets of warm water cruise randomly about in the Mozambique channel…bringing back in the Dorado, Sailfish and Striped Marlin. Diversity Scuba has 26 degrees noted on their conditions board. And this nice dorado was in the market yesterday… Related posts: Breakfast Jbay commentary by […]

Dorado bite

Up in Southern Mozambique, and right down the coast into Southern Natal, the seasonal “Dorado” are coming out regularly. Local boats in Tofo are getting 4’s and 5’s interspersed with the usual small couta and the odd sailfish. Yesterday Jose Rungu hooked a big marlin that towed him and his rowboat around the bay for […]

Marc Lange fishing on the Niteshift out of the Umzimkulu...dorado!

Umzimkulu Dorado!

When the rivers fill right up with brown pigmented water from the summer rain catchment areas in Kwa-Zulu Natal, they¬† spew out into the ocean hitting the current to form a beautiful seam between the brown and blue water. This is Dorado time on the Natal and Transkei coast! They swim up and down this […]