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A Bull Dorado comes storming up the white water behind and slammed this little rubber lure. Letting go at the last minute.

More predator fish attack behaviour with the BCSS

More predator fish attack behaviour with the BCSS Fish behaviour studies at the Bazaruto Centre for Scientific Studies: The accompanying video features four species of fish and their different reactions to some of our trolled baits up here in Vilankulos waters. Some days the water got real blue lately, but many other days have been […]

Many fish today…

Elvis in the Tofo market will be keeping us updated as to the daily catches. Cobia, kingfish and couta are making up the bulk of the hauls…a few marlin have been spotted…big marlin…in the Tofo waters – by divers and fishermen alike. Related posts: Calling Elvis… Casa Barry Sailfish and other stories… Update from Tofo […]