Luxury Camping Daily


Luxury Camping Daily

Two Toyota Land Cruisers. Purpose rigged for travel in deepest darkest Africa. There is nowhere we can’t go. Nothing we can’t do. Mozambique. Botswana. Namibia. South Africa, Angola.

Limited to groups of 4 or 5, one cruiser is heavy duty specification and carries all the gear. The other cruiser is a luxurious people carrier.
Both are double battery rigged, have air con, fridge/freezers, coolers, built-in water tanks, walkie talkies and roof racks. We have all the gear and tools to stay out there.
We can operate anywhere in Africa, certain countries do attract a premium, however.
Fly in and meet us wherever you want to be.

The following areas are where we have been operating consistently, the last thirty years…

Mozambique: Inhambane, Praia do Tofo, Vilanculos. Cabo Delgado: Pemba area
South Africa: entire coastline and interior
Namibia: Serengeti, Swakopmund (Skeleton Bay)
Botswana: the Okavango Delta and up to Kasane
Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls
Angola is next on our list. Any takers? Let’s goooooo!

The show is staffed by owner/management and you get all our years experience along with the deal. We have tents for 5 people, in different combinations, all with mattresses, sheets and sleeping bags. We cook amazing and healthy meals, three times a day. We carry water, beer, wine and whiskey. Biltong and other healthy snacks all day long! We have wi-fi which works sometimes in some places. 2G! Get used to it.

So, send us your idea of your ideal holiday, or work mission, and we can put something together for you, anywhere you like!

Get in touch with Sean on +27 79 326 9671 or

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