Fishing Pau Hana Angler by Wavejet rigged…

Fishing Pau Hana Angler

Get Way Out There!


Fishing Pau Hana Angler by Wavejet: rigged by Mydo Lures

Seeing is believing! This pod powered fishing board, the Fishing Pau Hana Angler…will keep going for a solid hour or more. Battery powered, it recharges in no time, and you can be back out there.

Whilst fishing, if the pod power is not used all the time…a stop start coasting type manual cruise control can double or triple your time out there chasing big fish –  to a  few hours or more.

It comes with a blank pod so that you can use the board without the powered pod, a charger, and a wrist controller. If you wipe out, the engine automatically cuts out when the pod gets 10 or so feet away from you. It’s light enough to carry and can even be stuck into a short board, or a boogie board.

The “Mydo” version of the Fishing Pau Hana Angler comes fully rigged and ready to fish, the specification includes:

  • 3 x Spinning rods and reels
  • 1 x Gaff
  • 1 x Fish Bag
  • 1 x Lifejacket
  • 1 x Tackle Bag filled with MYDO lures to target gamefish along the southern African coastline.
  • 1 x Fishing and Safety instructional booklet

The Wavejet system includes an under-deck light on the fishing SUP…for all sorts of applications…(c) Wavejet

Corey Lopez, Wavejet product ambassador, was out here demonstrating the Wavejet range at Muizenburg recently. Check that story out here.

But it’s the fishing application we are excited about…and there is a kayak in the pipeline…price and availability soon to be announced right here on

From Wavejet…

Stand at the top of the food chain with the brand new WaveJet Pau Hana Big EZ Angler. Built to be the ultimate in SUP fishing, this board combines WaveJet technology with a platform stable enough to reel in the biggest catch!

Equipped with a comfortable foam deck pad, the Big EZ Angler includes a bottom light mounting system and also comes equipped with multiple anchor points using Pau Hana’s Seamount System to attach any assortment of coolers, bait trays, tackle boxes, nets or even a lean to seat for maximum comfort while fishing. Standing on the WaveJet Big EZ Angler lends the fisherman additional visibility into the water by providing a platform stable enough to comfortably take a higher vantage point.

Featuring WaveJet propulsion technology, the Big EZ Angler enables fisherman to stalk fish in areas inaccessible to boats, kayaks and other water craft. It also provides additional maneuverability and power when grappling with a big catch. Stable on both flat water and chop, the Angler is capable of navigating rivers, lakes and oceans, making it the ideal platform for every fisherman.

System comes with:

  • SUP featuring Seamount anchor system and Nocqua lighting system anchor
  • WaveJet Power Pod
  • Blank pod for non-powered use
  • Seatooth-enabled Wrist Controller
  • Charging Station
  • User’s manual

Additional Information

Dimensions11′ 0″ x 32″ x 5″


Fishing Pau Hana Angler by Wavejet


  • Body board
  • Shortboards (6.6”, 7,1”)
  • Longboards (9.0”, 9.6”, 10.0”)
  • SUPS (10.0”, 10.6”,11.0”, Fishing SUP)
  • Gun
  • Rescue
  • Kayak
  • See for current prices


  • 20 Pounds of thrust
  • Propels user up to 12kmph (2-3 times average user paddle speed)
  • Up to 60 minutes continuous run-time
  • 1.5-2 hours in the water if stop and starting
  • 3.5 hours recharge time
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlet
  • 7Kg heavy


  • Uses Seatooth wireless techonology which is Bluetooth that can operate in salt water
  • When the board is more than 10.5 Feet away from the wrist controller it turns the pod off automatically


  • AC INPUT 100-240 Volts
  • 4.0 Amps
  • 50-60MHz
  • DC OUTPUT  2-25.2Volts
  • Fuse 6.3A 250V


  • Can use anywhere which is not a protected marine reserve
  • The pod is 9 Horse Power. Anything under 15 Horse Power falls outside of the regulations set out by SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) for small personal watercraft so no skippers license or anything like that is needed.

The link below get’s you a Pdf showcasing the rescue application of the Wavejet propulsion system…another very neat idea…

Global WaveJet Ocean Rescue One Sheet



Additional information

Weight0.03 kg

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