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Wavejet Kayak Fishing: rigged by MYDO


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Wavejet Kayak Fishing: rigged by MYDO

Wavejet Kayak Fishing: rigged by MYDO

Wavejet Kayak Fishing: available as rigged by MYDO…a lethal fish catching machine.

The revolution has just got underway, and the rebels are attacking hard with this Wavejet powered Kayak…

Pirates up and down the coast are going to be thrilled at the stealth offered, not to mention the clean energy and the 12kmh top speed – enough to head off even the biggest target.

The MYDO version comes with:

    • 3 x Spinning rods and reels
    • 1 x Gaff
    • 1 x Fish Bag
    • 1 x Lifejacket
    • 1 x Tackle Bag filled with MYDO lures to target gamefish along the southern African coastline.
    • 1 x Fishing and Safety instructional booklet

And retails for R55 000-00, including delivery anywhere in South Africa. Deliveries to Mozambique, Namibia and Angola are entirely possible, but cost a little more, and take a little more time.

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