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Tofo Light Tackle

Sailfish season starting in southern Mozambique waters now! (c) Rato


Tofo Light Tackle for Gamefish


Tofo Light Tackle

Tofo Light Tackle fishing is the best flat day fun imagineable!

Tofo and Barra give you access to an amazing string of reefs, massaged by the strong Mozambique Current, and tickled by the marine life it sustains.

Seasonal gamefish move through marauding baitfish in their way. They in turn attract the sailfish and marlin – which swim right in the shallows around here…and encountered¬†often by scuba divers on the dive sites.

Our strategy is to cover ground seeking the action at higher speeds, dragging rapalas and rapala imitations, with daisy chains, and Mydo Luck Shots, at which point we go to bait – whole fresh baits and fillets, specially rigged on Mydo Bait Swimmers and Stripswimmers. But live bait is always the best, so at any time we get lucky with a bonito or tiny yellowfin, it goes swimming with a few hooks attached…some mornings we can collect live bait on the way out, either with yozuri jigs or buying from the local netters.

We mainly catch yellowfin tuna and king mackerel, both in the 5kg to 25kg range. Kingfish abound, the prized fighter Bluefin and huge GT’s can be tussled with at Praia da Roche or Tabletop. Some GT’s go over 60kg’s!

The trip includes bait, tackle, tutoring for sport fishing…yellowfin tuna, king mackeral, kingfish, queen mackeral, wahoo, dorado and a sailfish or marlin! Chance to see and swim with whale sharks, mantas and dolphins.¬†

Contact Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com to arrange a slot. Boats by availability…

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