Instant Share Branded E-Postcard Campaign



Instant Share Branded E-Postcard Campaign

The Instant Share Branded E-Postcard Campaign by…


This is a special offer and is subject to a few terms and conditions, which you can read below…


Paint social networks with your brand!


Here is how it works…

  1. Take a photo
  2. Email to with the subject “thesardine” (or your brand once you have signed up)
  3.  Wait a few minutes and your branded e-postcard pops up on, with share buttons ready to go!

Share! Share! Share!

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +…everywhere and anywhere! Printed they look fantastic too!

Instant Share e-Postcard by

Instant Share Branded e-Postcard by

How it works:

Take a cool photo > email it to, with the subject “thesardine” (or your brand) > check your mail > follow the link to your own e-Postcard website where you can share on Facebook or wherever you want it to go into cyberspace!

* Please note that you need to have taken the photograph that you send, personally, to stay within the law.


Adventure Companies: get the shot, email at, share it and watch it go viral!

FMCG Brand Promotions: use as a promotion in nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets

Events: Event sponsors can achieve huge reach by cross-platforming with social, the web and print (the e-Postcards print beautifully!).

“For anybody who has a brand and would like to take full advantage of Facebook and other social network audiences…”

What it includes:

  • Your postcard design
  • Your own branded sharing website including header, gallery and contact details.
  • SEO configuring and deployment, back-links. share buttons
  • 500 e-Postcards (after 500, you can purchase more for 50c each)
  • No time limit
  • Origami style Call-to-action Table Card

How to get your own campaign going:

Fill out this form to qualify for a free trial:

The FREE trial is a basic but functioning version of the offering as above. It includes 50 postcards with logo, 7 day limit. If you sign up and pay within your 7 days, you qualify for the offer as described above.

Please send artwork to or call Sean on +2779  3269671.

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