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Deep Sea Fishing Tofo Barra

Estimated 60kg GT released in southern Mozambique.


Get the Sardine team guarantee of a great fishing trip out of Barra and Tofo. Decades of navigating and fishing these waters gives you piece of mind. As do our new and well-maintained fleet of boats. Fish for marlin and sailfish – and all the favourite suspects found in the Mozambican current that scrapes past here non-stop.


Deep Sea Fishing Tofo Barra

Deep Sea Fishing Tofo Barra: Fishing out in these remote waters is extremely rewarding, but you cannot take chances with just anyone. Our collective experience in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique waters totals more than 30 years. We have a fully functional work shop and are Yamaha and Mydo agents…these factors combined mean we offer a professional, rewarding and safe operation (as opposed to some of the absolute cowboys who come and go year-to-year).

The Inhambane Bay is the gateway to so much fishing variety…often we don’t even get past Linga Linga on our trips…the bay has so much fish in it. King and Queen mackeral love the tidal channels and sandbars and on some days even the billfish come right inside. Having lunch at Linga and then casting to huge shoals of gamefish a few metres from the shore!

The Barra, Tofo, Tofinho, Dos Rochas points stick right out into the Mozambican Channel and produce kingfish, cobia, skipjack, couta, snoek on light tackle live bait or drop shot. And if ¬†we get a decent bonito or tuna for live bait, practically any sort of monster will jump on it. Marlin, blue, black and striped love the drop-offs behind the main diving reefs, cruising up and down looking for tuna to gobble. It’s also out here that the wahoo swim, and if you can get a bait down there…big amberjack and kingfish haunt the depths.

Boats vary, but we do have many choices of neat little cats like this one…and your guide will be Sean Lange. Availability is the key here – get in touch on umzimkulu@gmail.com or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671.

Survey in Pomene: departing at the beautiful Barra Reef Divers launch

Launching at Barra – the sea side of the peninsula. We can also launch in the completely flat water on the other side if necessary.

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