Content Marketing and SEO Campaign 1 Month


Have crew firmly behind you as you navigate the oceans of opportunity presented to us by the ever expanding digital networks of potential customers.

This campaign gets you personal attention from our marketing team, 24/7.


Content Marketing and SEO Campaign 1 Month

Content Marketing and SEO by …”The Sardine Newspaper is a constantly growing collection of feature stories, in-depth articles and updated reports on fishing, diving, and surfing along the southern African coast.
It’s also a focused collection of keywords, key phrases, and meta tags, optimized and promoted for top position search engine listings.
The association of your business and these cool/trending activities sets you apart from simple directories or searches, ensuring greater credibility and exposure within our interest groups – and the entire world wide web. “ uses only pure content, with consistently targeted SEO keywords and phrases. This is how come we rank so good, everytime.
This schematic shows that content leads to search results and brand exposure, which in turn lead to you…if you create content with us, it completes the cycle and you will be very well represented on the networks.
Content Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing and SEO

Our campaigns totally integrate with the wide spread of social networks. Using API’s, content, once posted, becomes autonomous in it’s spread.

Traffic is from Southern Africa, United States, Australia, Europe and the East…China and Indonesia. Traffic statistics are available anytime.

Analysis demonstrates that people are encountering when researching surfing, fishing and diving subjects locally and from abroad.

 Content Marketing and SEO Campaign

The campaign runs for a month and includes:
  • 4 000 banner ad exposures on networks
  • an SEO indexed and maintained SEO landing page, with gallery and multimedia, a feedback form, and links (call to actions) leading to your website
  • A classifieds listing on
  • 4 articles /posts /blogs per month (min 300 words plus gallery)
  • 4 Facebook posts
  • 4 Twitter posts per month
  • 4 Pinterest pins per month
  • 4 Google + posts per month
  • Google Maps and Places, Business Portfolio
  • Keyword and phrase list
  • Publication schedule
  • Banner ad and content in The Sardine News on Friday mailing lists (5 databases).
Content marketing is so effective as it engages you with results, the business owner/manager, to keep communicating with, and growing your fan base. This is effectively done with photos, relevant articles, promotional items…examples below.
For more information, contact Sean on or call +27 79 326 9671
Some of our latest campaigners…
Many more, with references, are available.

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