3Kva Entry Solar System by NuStyle


R44,000.00 R39,000.00

NuStyle in Edenvale, Johannesburg make this cool integrated 3Kva Entry Level Solar System available in and around the greater Gauteng area. And beyond – by arrangement. It is designed for a small household or business and you can expect to recoup your investment in around three years, depending on the application, weather and usage. And you escape Eskom!


3Kva Entry Solar System by NuStyle

This solar system installation is well suited to a small household or business. Anywhere on the planet.

With installing this system, it is actually now possible, with current improved technologies – to recoup your entire solar investment, in about three years. You just need to stay within certain clear parameters to achieve these levels of savings, and even more (A clear instruction manual and detailed on-site training is included with the installation).

Otherwise, it is a turnkey, permanent solution to the Eskom debacle we have been subject to. In its correct application.

– 4 x 330 W Solar Panels
– 4 x 100 Ah Deep-cycle batteries
– Hybrid inverter (wall mounted)
– Battery protecting cabinet
– Cabling
– PV fuses
– Battery fuses
– Mains interface

– run fridge, lights, chargers, tv, washing machine…(refer instruction manual)
– recoup the investment in three years…(refer instruction manual)
– complete alienation from Eskom, no more power bills!
– reliable and safe
– an environmentally-minded solution that can be improved upon as technology improves
– integrates with Eskom. Or a backup 2kw generator (not included).

Product warranties apply.

The NuStyle factory is in Sebenza, near Edenvale in Gauteng (Johannesburg). Installations can be booked upon paying 50% deposit. Lead time can be as short as a week, to a month. Installations within 50kms of O.R. Tambo do not incur extra costs. If it is further away, AA rates apply. But get in touch and we can make a plan.

The system can be backed up with a small generator (petrol or diesel), for bad weather times. This is not included. This system does NOT produce hot water. You will need an isolated system for hot water showers.

Get in touch with Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671 for further information.

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