Mould kit: for Plastic Recycling in construction

A set of multi-purpose moulds that can be utilised to produce beams, planks and bricks, with recycled plastic. The recycled plastic is mixed with a concrete mix, or melted and mixed with sand to produce the construction materials.


 Mould kit: for Plastic Recycling in construction

Plastic recycling in construction is a burgeoning trend right now. Once your plastic shredded, it can be mixed with concrete as an added aggregate, or melted with sand and moulded.

These moulds suit both purposes.

They have an injection screw input nozzle for attaching to ExtruderONE or InjectorONE.


They can be used as regular moulds, and filled either with hot plastic mulch or with plastic enriched concrete. Also known as “Green Concrete”.

These moulds are made from mild steel and are therefore extremely economically priced compared to the aluminium options. The aluminium moulds are the choice for high definition moulding. However, we can work to your specific requirements, choosing a mould material according to the end product.

These moulds screw together with wingnuts and are very easy to operate and work with.

Some examples of end products produced with mild steel moulds…

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