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Professional and fast, with decades in the game. We understand exactly how the internet handles streaming video, and have adapted our techniques to take this advantage wherever possible.


Web Video Production (works on WhatsApp too!)

Producing video for the web – a specialty service: we have been involved in producing video for internet distribution, since RealPlayer had it’s day, in the late 90’s.

Much has changed since then, when a 144 x 176 stream was the norm, and full screen video only a fable. It’s all so much more do-able with the available bandwidth now that we are finally here, well into the future, and we now can download or even stream HD video, right off the server, or go LIVE with our PHONES!

Compositions, and how we shoot, light and colours – these things are all different in the production of material, that the web can easily handle. It’s not anything like TV! Limited bandwidth will always be a challenge. This is what makes us different.

Here are some reference action videos for you to check out…

SUPping Hout Bay with Yoga Namaste

Southern Sky Adventures – Praia do Tofo

Note the internet specific colour grading, and the “on the ocean” and “in the water” material that we specialise in.

 African Sky Adventures – Rwanda Gorilla Safari

This was done from material shot by client resampled and then optimised by us, for web delivery via YouTube.

We also deliver in WhatsApp compatible and optimised video.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/user/umzimkulu1/videos for more examples of content marketing video…


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